What We Do


E.T. develops applications for Windows10, Windows7, and WindowsVista environments. We develop almost exclusively in C# or VB.NET. The ocasional use of third party controls allows us to save even more of the client's time and money, while delivering front end bullet proof programs. Examples can be seen in Some Past Software Designs
We also develop ActiveX controls and .NET dlls using Microsoft's newest development tools such as their Visual Studio Suite. This allows our clients to own self contained, reusable objects that fit their particular needs and give them an edge over their competitors. These controls are then usable in future or different versions of the client's software without these portions being paid for again. Examples can be seen in ActiveX Controls


E.T. can deliver total turnkey embedded designs. These services include original circuit design, prototype construction, printed circuit board layout, and production documentation to set up manufacturing. Examples can be seen in Some Past Hardware Designs

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