Some Past Software Designs

Command and Control

amcw.gif - 2.2 KE.T. was a subcontractor for a joint venture between Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Global Technologies International (GTI) to develop the Command and Control Interface for the Air force Materiel Command. This system, which operates over the Air Forces' private internet system, handles the logistics of the planes, air crews, refeuling, scheduling, etc. throughout their world wide operations.

Cash Dispenser

webdisp.gif - 3.5 KE.T. developed control and management software to interface NCR 7550 Cash Dispensers (a.k.a. ATMs). This software, running on a personal computer, controls transactions between several teller machines and the Cash Dispenser, providing audit trail and access control services. Tellers may also make cash requests directly through the PC. The audit trail consists of Access Database (.mdb) files which may be automatically sent to a remote bookkeeping site.

Vision Link

oneeye.gif - 4.4 KE.T. was a subcontractor to Key Computer Systems for the development of Vision Link, a program designed to enable Optometrists to have a fully automated connection to Lens Grinding Labs. This enables them to offer one day turn around to their eyeglass patients seeking custom lenses. The program allows the various participating frame suppliers and Lens Labs to download graphic advertising, ordering information, and wholesale/retail price lists directly to the doctor's computer. This allows the doctors to sell his client the most up to date products as soon as they become available.

Visual Mail

wrldcnct.gif - 2.7 K E.T. was the prime subcontractor to World Connect Communications, Inc.for the development of Visual Mail, a Windows program designed to enable users to send Visual E-mail with the aid of an optional camera or other video input device coupled to a standard audio card. Through the use of a new technology known as Wavelets, the created files can be compressed up to 600:1 before transmission.

Golf Management Systems

GMSshrp3.gif - 2.7 K E.T. was a subcontractor to Golf Management Systems for the development of The Pro Shop Management System, a Windows program designed for Private, Municipal, and Daily Fee golf courses. This system manages point of sale, inventory, handicaping, tournaments, and more. With more than 100 installed systems around the country, GMS is the largest golf software provider in the U.S.A.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Bookstor.gif - 2.7 KE.T. was a subcontractor to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for the development of The BookStore System, a Windows program designed for Point of Sale use at AAPG sponsored seminars and other events. It runs on a Laptop Computer equipped with a credit card reader, a barcode reader, and a ticket printer. AAPG is an international organization of more than 31,000 members in 115 countries.

DecisionOne Corporation

Dcsnone.gif - 2.7 KE.T. was a subcontractor to DecisionOne Corporation - the largest independent provider of multivendor computer maintenance and technology support services in North America. E.T. developed a Visual Basic Wizard that allows the automatic creation of Management Reports for their nationwide corporate intranet. This system makes use of an advanced multi-tier web based spread sheet activeX control known as Dynamicube developed by Data Dynamics, Ltd.

First Credit Solutions

FCS.gif - 3.9 KE.T. was a subcontractor to First Credit Solutions - A subsidiary of Midfirst Bank. First Credit collects debt from delinquent credit card holders. E.T. developed a Preprocessor program that converts Debtor files from the format used by the Creditors to the format of their Atlas Master program, a multiuser Credit Collection/Predictive Dialer System developed by the R.S.I. Group

The Charles Machine Works

clrlogo.gif - 1.5 KE.T. was a subcontractor to The Charles Machine Works - Makers of the world famous DitchWitch line of trenching and boring machines. E.T. upgraded their Sales Builder program, used by both their internal Sales Force and their World Wide Dealer Network, from Visual Basic Version 3.0 to Visual Basic Version 6.0.

Orion Systems, Inc.

orion.gif - 2.7 KE.T. was a subcontractor to Orion Systems, Inc. for the development of The Orion PE System, a Windows program designed for Human Resources people. It grades Pre-Employment tests designed to screen prospective employees for bad atitudes concerning drugs, theft, and six other areas of business concern. Once graded, reports are delivered to the user with recomendations and follow up questions to help HR departments make well founded hiring decisions.

Orion Systems, Inc.

orionT.gif - 2.7 KE.T. was a subcontractor to Orion Systems, Inc. for the development of The Orion Telescore System, a WindowsNT program designed for Human Resources people without computers. This system, through the use of Pronexus' Visual Voice ActiveX controls and Intel Telephone Boards, allows an Orion client to call into an automated telephone system, grade his tests, and receive audible reports. All of this is accomplished without any requirement that the user own a computer

The Hanover Company

hanover.gif - 4 KE.T. was a subcontractor to The Hanover Company for the upgrading of the MaxResolve Program, a Windows program designed to find errors in data entry in it's inventory control program known as Maximo. The Hanover Company makes Natural Gas Compressors and other related oil field equipment. It has world wide operations in support of it's businesses.

Kennith Hagen Ministries

rhema.gif - 4 K

E.T. was a subcontractor to The Kennith Hagen Ministries, hired to make the conversion of their Missionary Support System from a COBOL program running on an AS400 Computer with a DB2 database, to a Visual Basic program running on a Windows Server with SQL server. This system is designed to manage the financial and other support needs of their Missionaries. Kennith Hagen Ministries in connection with Rhema Bible College trains missionaries and helps support those missionaries through it's world wide operations.

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